Here are some PDF files of various pieces of garden tractor literature.  Special thanks to all of those people who have sent me stuff to add to this resource.

Note: Literature for Canadian made garden tractors has been filed under The Canadian Made page of the website.

Shaw Catalog No 23

Shaw Catalog No. 25

Beeman Brochure

Gard’n Mast’r Brochure

A Smaller Gibson Article

Gibson Letters, Articles and News

Gibson 365

Gibson H and I Price List

Gibson Reunion ArticleGibson Super G Article

Gibson Ad

Gibson Country Clubber

Gibson D and SD Price List, 1949

Gibson D, SD and Super D Price List, 1959

Gibson Models E and H Sales Receipt, 1949

Utilitor Ad 1

Utilitor Ad 2

Utilitor Ad 3

Jaques Mighty Mite Ad, 1948

Jaques Mighty Mite Brochure


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