Canadian Old Iron

The Wilmac Garden Tractor, Made in Windsor, Ontario, in 1948

We have owned two of these, and know of two more, a rare find to be sure.  Here are pictures of the two we owned, as well as the two others we have come across:

Mike's Wilmac

Here is an ad from the Flesherton Advance, June 30, 1948:

Wilmac Ad - Flesherton Newspaper, 1948

Here is some of the story of the Wilmac garden tractor, sent to me from a fellow owner:

The tractors were designed and built by two men with the names, Williams and MacPherson, thus the name “Wilmac”. One fellow was an engineer at Ford Motor Co. and had access to the Ford parts and designed the final drives for the rear axle. The other fellow was from the H.J. Heinze Co., but it is unclear as to what his contribution was other than maybe financial backing and design help. It appears that the design of these tractors was heavily influenced by the Speedex model B. There are some parts that are very similar, if not identical to Speedex parts.

The Gordon Power System, made in Cambridge (Preston), Ontario, in 1961

This is another rare Canadian product.  We have yet to own one of these ourselves, but have met a few people who have them.  I have interviewed a couple of people who both designed and built the original prototypes and production machines in order to write a history of the garden tractor.  First, here are some pictures of a few of the tractors, the prototype, then a couple of production machines:

Gordon Tractor


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